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 T955WH Pro1 Wireless Control System
The T955WH includes the master thermostat and the base module. This is a stand alone wire- less thermostat solution.The T955WH is compatible with up to 3 heat, 2 cool heat pumps or up to 2 heat, 2 cool conventional systems. The T955WH includes humidity control. Can be 24V or battery operated & communicates wireless to the base module. Up to 4 indoor remotes & 1 outdoor temperature sensor can be connected. Range between master thermostat & base module is 100 feet unobstructed, 50 feet standard residential construction.
  Master Thermostat
13 Sq. In. Display
Base Module
                           Wireless indoor remote sensor
 accessory must be paired with the master thermostat. Up to four remote sensors can be used with each T955W(H). Can be con- figured to sense and display room temperature only or allow remote override.
Wireless outdoor temperature sensor
accessory must be paired with the mas- ter thermostat. Can be used to set a dual fuel balance point.
T150 Thermostat Guard
Protect you thermostat with Pro1's commercial strength locking thermostat cover guard. You can install without removing the existing thermostat and is ideal for high traffic areas.
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