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                21D64-2 PREMIUM NITRIDE IGNITOR
 Upgrades silicon carbide integrated or non-integrated systems to long- lasting and durable nitride. The nitride ignitor is connected in the existing HSI system, ensuring consistent performance and long ignitor life. The 21D64-2 kit includes everything needed for a quick installation.
    • Nitride Ignitor with 15.5" Leads • Mounting Adapter Bracket • One “Universal” Mounting Bracket and Screw
• Manufacturer Cross-Reference • Nitride Upgrade Furnace Label
• 2 Ceramic Wire Nuts • Instruction Booklet
Q3200U1004 Universal Hot Surface Igniter Kit
 Designed to provide a robust field service replacement ignit- er in gas fired appliances with a Norton/St Gobain 120 VAC silicon carbide hot surface igniter. It uses a 120 volt silicon nitride igniter design with long life and high resistance to damage or burn out in the appliance. The kit includes the specially designed silicon nitride igniter and six different bracket configurations that are optimized to replace over 110 igniter applications from nearly every furnace manufac- turer without modification. Clear instructions and application templates are provided to simplify selection of the proper bracket and ease installation of the replacement.
                UNIVERSAL IGNITOR
41-402, -403, -405, -407, -408, -409, -410
This special ignitor and bracket kit will replace over 70 part numbers for this style ignitor. This kit can be used to replace both the narrow (11⁄4”) and wide (2”) porcelain block Norton furnace igni- tors. Boxed complete with instructions.
• Excellent Truck Stock Item!
  Large Block Bracket
Small Block Bracket
                      AF1000 (IG1000)
120V UNIVERSAL IGNITOR KIT Will Replace: 41-402, -403,
Replaces most Silicon Carbide
HSI Igniters. Compatible with all
17, 34, & 45 second warm-up
modules. Use available adapter brackets &
kits to expand the areas of functional applications.
This kit can be used to replace both spiral or the narrow (11⁄4”) and wide (2”) porcelain block Norton furnace ignitors .
  -405, -407, -408, -409, -410
With This
                     Replace These
AFN067 (CMS067)
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