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                DC SECOP COMPRESSORS
 BD compressors are direct current (DC) compressors for 12/24 V DC power sup- ply. Can be used in mobile refrigerators and freezers using R134a refrigerant. Used for transportation of items from 0oF - 46oF. For Cooling boxes from 18 - 150 liters.
  Designed to meet harsh road conditions of a chasis mounted refrigerator. They are unsurpassed in their ability to tolerate changeable climatic conditions and vibrations. Also used in equipment to transport medicines, vaccines, blood plas- ma and organs.
The electronic unit is mounted on the compressor, no additional mounting is required.
                        Direct Current Compressor R134a, 12/24V DC -30°C, +10°C Evap. Temp. Controller Included
                   Cooling Cross Part No. Application Capacity H Reference
BD35F LBP/MBP/HBP 15 - 140 Watts 5.39” 101Z0205 51.15 - 277.4 BTU/Hr
       BD50F LBP/MBP/HBP 20 - 190 Watts 5.39” 101Z0203 68.2 - 647.9 BTU/Hr
 101N0212 (Separately Available) BD35/50F Controller
118-1949 Mounting Kit
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