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                HERMETIc SERvIcE
 QL170 - QUIck LOck vALvE - sweat connection shut off valves schrader type service port extended copper fittings front seating design with brass stem excellent seating characteristics no chance of galling
Part No. Size
   QL171R-06-06 3/8 QL171R-10-10 5/8 QL171R-12-12 3/4 QL171R-14-14 7/8
     ADAPTER TOOL kIT 053983-00
refrigerant leaks are the most difficult and frustrating service calls for HvaC business owners and technicians. the 4 components which make up all refrigerant systems. (1) – the evaporator Coil commonly located inside of a building, (2) – the Condenser Coil commonly located outside of a building on a roof or on the ground level, (3) – the refrigerant liquid line & (4) – the refrigerant suction line which connects the 2 coils, and these refrigerant lines may run through walls, ceilings, attics, and crawl spaces which may not be accessible.
Installing Isolation valves at the evaporator and the condenser coils, and pressurizing the sys- tem with nitrogen. the loss of pressure will determine which refrigerant circuit is leaking and the technician can pinpoint the location and make the necessary repair in a timely manner. produCt:
designed to be brazed onto the copper refrigerant lines. the valves can be installed in any position where the service ports are easily accessible for the technician. after the repairs are completed, the Isolation valves will remain on the system and will not cause any pressure drop or any loss of performance in the normal operation of the system.
Part No. Size QFc38 3/8 QFc34 3/4 QFc78 7/8
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