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                COMMERCIAL COOKING
Replaces: 4440385 24 Volt
40” Lead Wires 41-423
Replaces: 1177545 & 1183200 24 Volt 40” Lead Wires 41-224
 The RAM HOT SURFACE IGNITION CONTROL is 24 VAC. When the thermostat calls for heat, the HSI control simultaneously ener- gizes the hot surface ignitor and initiates current sensing function. Gas valve(s) remain closed until current sense threshold is reached. Once the current draw threshold has been reached or exceeded, the gas valve(s) and flame rectification circuits are energized. Upon proof of flame, the hot surface ignitor is shut off. Main burner flame is con- tinuously monitored. Loss of flame detection
RAM-H4M1-03 • 6 Pin Connections 24 VAC for Hot Surface Ignition • Non-Prepurge Ignition Attempts Before Lockout = INFINITE
Replaces: 117573 SouthBend
441575 Allpoints 2065866 American Wyott
This RAM INTERMITTENT IGNITION CONTROL is 120 VAC. When the thermostat calls for heat, RAM’s IID Control simultaneously initiates ignition sparking and opens the pilot valve portion of the gas valve. Pilot flame recognition stops ignition sparking and opens the main valve portion of the gas valve. Pilot burner flame is continuously monitored at a synchronous frequency for the duration of the heating cycle. Should the pilot flame fail during the heating cycle, the control will shut off the main valve until the pilot flame is established. Specifications:
                     Electrical rating (input): 120V 50/60 Hz, 50 mA Flame sensor current: 0.7mA
Gas valve relay ratings: 5.0 amp
Temperature range: -40 to 175°F
 Approvals: AGA, CGA
RAM-4 • 6 Pin Connections 120 VAC for Intermittent Pilot • Prepurge
Ignition Attempts Before Lockout = 3
                  Replaces: 37110 441743 390232
Imperial Allpoints Tri-Star
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