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Super Cling Oven, Grill, Fryer & Rotisserie Cleaner Highly concentrated to remove carbon grease from ovens, grills and rotisseries. Clings to vertical surfaces. For use on range tops, pizza ovens, steam jacket kettles and conveyor ovens. Does not generate the airborne caustics found in ordinary aerosol oven cleaners. Safe for use on stainless steel, porcelain, mild steel, ceramic, glass and brick.
    Part No. Type/Size 206190001 Aerosol 20oz. 212320001 Liquid Quart
     BRITE SHINE Stainless Steel Cleaner-Polish
 A unique, mineral oil-based cleaning and polishing formulation in which every ingredient is of food grade or other high quality. It has less than 15% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Quickly cleans, restores and prolongs luster of metal surfaces. Easy to use. Contains no acids, alkalis, abrasives or heavy creams. Leaves behind a pro- tective coating which resists finger marking and smudges. Contains no CFC's, chlorinated solvents, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane or Hexane.
                       Part No.
Aerosol 16oz. Liquid Quart Wipes 40/tub
  140632001 ® 140406001
   CARBON-OFF! Heavy Duty Carbon Remover
 Carbon Off AerosolCARBON-OFF!® is a powerful gel that dis- solves carbon buildup from metal surfaces. Spray or brush on, let set 15 minutes to overnight, depending on the amount of buildup to be removed, then rinse under cold water with a brush or scrubbing pad. Also available in a dip tank solution for repeated treatment of multiple utensils. CARBON-OFF!® works quickly and easily saving time and labor. SAFE ON ALUMINUM. Due to VOC regulations, not available for sale in California.
                      Part No. Type/Size 106190001 Aerosol 20oz. 106320001 Liquid Quart
  • Ideal for electrical maintenance applications
• 7 mil woven glass cloth tape • UL recognized 130°C • Rubber thermosetting pressure-sensitive adhesive
• 1/2” x 66’ (13 mm x 20.1m)
Part No.: 27-12X66
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