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 KE-Shakeaway for Washers & Dryers
13131-JH1 KE-ShakeAway Plus 21⁄2" x 21⁄2" x 1" thick
• Pads effectively reduce vibration transfer from machine
  to floor. • 5 layer design
 16001 KE-Shake AwayTM with Slip Guard
 • 21⁄2” x 21⁄2” x 3/4” + 1/4” Foot Capture Plate
• For use with all foot types (rubber & composite)
• Foot capture plate with adhesive top
• Use on all types of flooring to stop vibration transfer • Bottom layer is a new slip guard material
            11001 KE-Shake AwayTM Space Saver. 21⁄2” x 21⁄2” x 3/8” NOT recommended for MOST washer installations.
         Pad is thinner for units in cramped spaces such as closets or under counters for maximum vibration control in limited spaces. Top has foot capture plate with adhesive. Bottom is non-abrasive, slip resistant, and will not mar floors.
                      Scratch-B-Gone is your first aid kit
for Stainless Steel.
Scratch-B-Gone has been used in the field for years to perma- nently remove scratches, stains and rust from all brushed sur- faces on stainless steel appliances, grills and sinks. Now the orig- inal appearance and beauty can be brought back at a fraction of
   the cost of replacement.
Works like a magic eraser by quickly removing all surface scratch- es and scuffs while restoring and blending the adjoining surfaces. The secret - Ultra Shine - proprietary conditioning formulation removes isolated scratches locally and speeds oxidation to blend perfectly with surrounding areas.
      Part No.               Description           Pack
Scratch-B-Gone DIY Kit 1 Professional Kit 1
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