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                CLENAIR PRODUCTS
          Combat stubborn odors, even those that have built up over time like cigarette or pet odor. Simply place the gel near the source of the odor or in the return duct of the central air sys- tem. The best product available for musty basements. Great for smoke and water dam- age as well as pet odors.
A cherry fragrance odor neutralizing gel. Can be placed in the HVAC system to neutralize odors and improve IAQ. The gel’s formula is not an odor mask or perfume. It interacts mol- ecularly with airborne odors and permanently eliminates them. Use 1# per 400 sq ft of room area or per ton of air conditioning capacity.
                   1500D ClenAir Gel 1/2 lb Tub
1800D CherryAir Gel 1/2 lb Tub 1900D CherryAir 16 oz Spray
1600D ClenAir 16 oz Spray
• Eliminates Odors in HVAC Systems
• Improves Indoor Air Quality
• Unique Self Feeding Box Installs in Return Duct
• Treats All Home or Building Air Through HVAC System
• A True Odor Neutralizer – Not an Odor Mask or Cover-up
• Reduces Indoor Pollutants
• Inhibits Mold & Bacteria Growth as Tested by an Independent
• One Odor-Block treats up to a 3 Ton A/C System • Lasts Up To Two Months
          Part No. Capacity 1903D 0-3 Tons 2001D 0-5 Tons 2003D 6-10 Tons
Part No. Capacity PCG5T Tablet 0 - 5 Tons PCG5MS Strip 0 - 5 Tons
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