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                deFrost timers & thermostats
  staNdard oem timers With FlyiNG lead With iNstructioNs For maNy aPPlicatioNs
 cycle Part No.
8 hour W10822278 (482493) 6 hour WP4391974
        Plastic ParaGoN timers timing Part No.
6 hr - 21 miN. deFrost timer
  6 hr
WP68233-1 WP68233-2 WP68233-3 r0131577 r0168027 WP67001036 *WP2183400
    8 hr 10 hr 8 hr 10 hr 8 hr 8 hr
all Plastic mallory
                        12 hr WP3-81329
New style replaces 54113-4, 66556-4, 66128-1
 *includes mounting bolts 11⁄4” long & #8-32 Nuts
   WP4387499 With iNstructioNs
deFrost termiNatioN thermostats WP4387489
  block Not included
close oN fall 12of
l70 thermostat With
bracket Not for Plastic
liner terminals and instructions included
With tubiNG cliP
size ˚F ˚c 5/16 l45 l6.7 5/16 l48 l8.9 5/16 l50   l10.0 5/16 l60         l15.5
Part No.
oPeN oN rise 70of
   checK tubiNg siZe
WP4387490 WP4387503 WP4387500 WP2182381
    5 iNch Wires sPlice to oriGiNal
                 NeW style deFrost limit thermostats
l48-33F Kit with extra wires r0161088 & instructions
molded Plastic deFrost limits 40of (l40) with female wire terminals WP52085-29
   l 54o l 38o WP61005254 WP61002992
    New style defrost thermostats have an internal resistor (240kΩ).
male male sPade bullet
l55-35F l42-30F – check element continuity Without WP10442411 12001937
as shoWN
  removing limit from circuit – WP67003426 WPW10225581     9” Wires
   9” Wires l8.9°c - 48°F
l7.4 - 15.2 °c WP67004757
47of (l47) with male wire terminals as shown
                l42-30 °F
see numbers on old control © 1971 - 2018 w.d. armstrong corp.

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