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                DUCT & FOIL TAPES
 Utility Coated Cloth Silver
A polycoated cloth tape with a high tack & natural rubber adhesive. General
 purpose uses include packaging, vinyl repair, patching and seaming. Poly
wraped with label. Made in USA.
M300 (890 PC595) 2” X 60 yards
  General Purpose Coated Cloth Silver
 A polycoated polyester/cotton tape with a high tack, natural rubber based adhesive. Provides excellent seal for thermal insulation and metal duct sys- tems. High conformability and easy unwind make especially useful for tight
spots. Made in USA.
 M450 (891 PC600) 2” X 60 yards Professional Coated Cloth Silver
An industrial grade polycoated cloth tape with high bonding strength. Designed for moisture free seals on both indoor/outdoor HVAC duct. Suitable for many other applications: packaging, bundling, wrapping insulation pipes, carpet tape and other industrial purpose applications. Made in USA.
                  M600 (892 PC609) 2” X 60 yards
   Professional - Colors Coated Cloth
 Colors: Black & White. Made in the USA
Aluminum Foil TAPE • High-strength 2-mil aluminum foil
M600C-BLK (PC609-BLK) 2” X 60 yards Black M600C-WHT (PC618) 2” X 60 yards White
   Coated with a special cold weather acrylic adhesive. Designed to combine superior, quick stick at normal temperatures, offers superior low temperature performance at freezing (32F or 0C). The ultimate in cold weather tapes. Recommended for use in high temperature applications too. Primary use: Improved vapor sealing of fiberglass ductboard, ductwrap and FSK system.
                  M974 (290 AF973) 2” X 50 yards M974-3 (290-3 AF973-3) 3” X 50 yards
 ASJ - All Service Jacket Tape
 White Kraft/Scrim/Foil lamination with 4 x 4/sq. in. tridirectional scrim reinforcement. Special cold weather acrylic adhesive system combines superior quick stick at normal temperatures with a superior low temper- ature performance down to -25F (-32C). Excellent at normal and high temperatures as well. Primary use: Closure system and vapor seal on All Service Jacket faced duct and piping systems.
   M975 (AF990) 2” x 50 yards UL APPROVED FOIL DUCT TAPE
  M181B-FX Printed Duct Closure Tape (DC181)       2” x 120 yards
M181A-P Aluminum Foil Duct Tape (AF100) 2” X 60 yards
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